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Connect Ideas. Grow Biz. Flourish.

HuHeHa is a boutique advisory firm, founded by Hugo Hanselmann. HuHeHa's mission is to help companies to master the magic triangle of strategy, marketing and innovation, enabling them to flourish in today's digital world

Advisory Services by HuHeHa

Enabling your business to flourish in a digital world
  • Business strategy development and strategy implementation support

  • Marketing strategy development and execution support

  • Innovation strategy development, possibly with start-ups and execution support

  • Start-up collaboration strategy development

  • GoToMarket strategy development 

  • Business development support

  • Interim roles: CEO, CMO, CDO

  • Non-executive and advisory board membership


Industry expertise:

  • Food & Beverages

  • Media & Advertising

  • Hospitality

  • Mobility & Automotive

  • Retail & Ecommerce

About Hugo Hanselmann:

A driving global force in the field of digital transformation, Hugo Hanselmann has dedicated his career to assisting companies into becoming their digital best. During his time with the world famous brewery AB-InBev he focused on developing effective consumer engagement strategies via digital, mobile and social media, globally. As one of his many other projects he set up an innovation hub in Silicon Valley to drive digital innovation. 

He is now based in Brussels where he founded his own company in 2014, HuHeHa, offering business consultancy for marketing, sales and digital business models as well as digital transformation. Hugo Hanselmann is focusing his 25 years of experience in HuHeHa, connecting companies to start-ups, platforms, media and brands. Since 2014 Hugo Hanselmann has been a true thought leader in consulting, using the digital disruption to change companies and their futures around. He always keeps his eyes on consumers, believing that their needs and demands are the trigger of change, as well as the chance to stand out.

Innovation and people skills:

With his focus on marketing and building connections between companies and potential associates, Hugo Hanselmann uses his innovative ideas to inspire companies to do and be better and smarter. As a consultant he has worked in many different industries and companies, such as beverages, mobility, and the hospitality sector, adapting his knowledge and expertise to be focused and useful to his clients. Adaptability as a skill that is not only useful for a consultant, but it is one of the many skills that he teaches to companies in order to be digitally successful. Digital capabilities are essential for companies that want to keep growing.

A man of many skills and qualifications, Hugo Hanselmann runs a tight ship wherever he goes. However, his friendly leadership and open communication with the teams he works with paint him as a people-person, ensuring a professional yet pleasant work environment. The people that are the driving force behind any company cannot be ignored in the wave of innovation and disruption. Digital innovation comes from a mixture of aspects that need to be blended together in order to achieve the best results, and as a driver of performance as well as change, Hugo Hanselmann knows how to create that blend.


The digital world demystified 

What sets Hugo Hanselmann apart is his focus on his audience. He wants to offer a new point of view, without preaching to the choir, as he is aware that the crowd is filled with experts and people with an interest in his topic. When speaking at an automotive conference for example, Hanselmann realized that all speeches where very technical, so the night before his own keynote, he rewrote his entire speech to ask them if they had considered this different viewpoint.

Hugo Hanselmann is a master of his trade, and as a public speaker he inspires just as much. With his creativity, experience, and insights he is a true thought leader with the capabilities to bring his thoughts across. While the digital world is a mystery for many companies, Hugo Hanselmann made it his métier. His expertise in digital disruption and digital transformation as well as his keen insights in digital marketing make him an intriguing public speaker.




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